The international G12 Conference – THE GREAT HARVEST, was held from January 23th to 26th, 2024 in the city of Bogota- Colombia, which was attended by more than 18 thousand people and more than 40 countries around the world. In this conference we learned about the importance of interpreting the language of dreams as the language of God, and we received the power and fullness of the Holy Spirit to reach the promises that the Lord has for each one of us. 

It was a time where God poured out His vision (Wheat), joy (Wine), and anointng (Oil) upon us as Joel 2:24 says, fulfilling his promises to transform nations, restore families and carry out his purpose with his church. We, as believers, have the responsibility to be consequent with the mission of taking the love of Christ to every corner of the earth. 

Which church will receive the Great Harvest at this time?

1. The church that dreams

Ezekiel 47:1-2

Dreams are the way God speaks to us, and it is wonderful to be able to understand His language to receive His blessings. When we follow Christ and put our own dreams aside, that’s when God’s promises begin to manifest in our lives. Don’t forget that God’s dream for you is full of life and purpose.

A church that dreams, will receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!


2. The church that worships

Revelation 3:20

Worship is the manifestation that we love the Lord and this should be reflected in everything we do. Worship unleashes the power of God and reflects our love for him.

A worshiping church receives God’s heart to demonstrate His love!

3. The devout church

Daniel 1:8-12

Intimacy with God is like a lighthouse that illuminates our path and guides us on the right path, it is necessary that we have attitudes of determination, discipline, decision to obey and long to fulfill the destiny and purpose of God; this way we reflect our true devotion to Him.

A church that puts God first is a church with true devotion!

4. The church that prays, governs

Ezekiel 22:30

We must be people willing to intercede and conquer all that is natural with spiritual weapons. The authority to govern is born of prayer and intercession, so we should not be ashamed of our faith, so we will achieve everything we set our mind to.

A praying church receives the authority to govern on earth!


5. The church that works

Ephesians 4:16

God will pour out his great harvest to the church that has the determination to work and serve him; the church that wins, consolidates, disciples and forms, to the church that is always willing to go the extra mile, because its motivation is the salvation of souls.

A church that works is a church that is not satisfied, but always goes for more!

It is important to remember that you are part of the generation of servants that will collect that great harvest, so it’s important that you be ready and determined to transform the nations with the power of Christ.

Conference Video Summary