Let’s live out the passion of influencing each nation with the light of CHRIST.
International G12 Conference 2021
The G12 Family had its annual conference from January 26 till 29, 2021. The theme for 2021 is “Be Fruitful”. The conference was completely different from the previous 25 conferences, because it was 100% virtual. It was the best way to start 2021! Together we proclaimed that the Vision would be born in our hearts and that we are determined to follow the example of Jesus in making disciples who are able to transform the world.

An anointing for multiplication was unleashed by world class speakers such as Anne Graham, Bill Johnson and Cindy Jacobs. The fresh and dynamic preachings of Pastora Johana Castellanos and Pastora Manuela Castellanos challenged us to be as firm as an oak tree and to be people with deep roots in God. Finally, each preaching of Pastors Cesar and Emma Claudia Castellanos unleashed in the attendees, who were connected from all over the world, the anointing that we needed to keep bearing fruit in 2021.