The 2023 Youth Convention, SET APART, was held from June 28 to July 1, 2023 in the city of Bogotá – Colombia. During this convention, more than 20,000 young people attended in person. They experienced the love of God, His power, His fullness, His joy and above all the privilege of being chosen and set apart for Him in order to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives, and impact and transform the new generations.

This convention had very valuable lessons for the new generations:

1. To be set apart for Him is to lose everything for Him:

Philippians 3:11

To know Jesus and be set apart for Him is to lose everything to gain Him. To lose everything so that you know Him, so that you love Him, so that you follow Him and so that your life is only for Him, all the glory will be for Him and you will be part of that glory.

 You are set apart to serve and follow Him!


2. To be set apart for Him is to know Him:

Philippians 3:10

Knowing Jesus is the source that every young person needs for their entire life. When you allow the Lord to enter into you, He transforms your heart, transforms your thoughts, transforms your life, your feelings and gives you back the joy you need. God is enough.

Your life has meaning because Jesus gives you meaning to live!

3. To be set apart for Him is to manifest His power:

2 Kings 5:1-3

You are part of the generation that will attract the revival and anointing of the power of the Holy Spirit. God wants to use you to manifest His glory, His power and His love, because you have been chosen to prophesy the word of God at this time.

 Never depart from your faith!


4. To be set apart from Him is to waste yourself in Him:

Matthew 26:6-13

As a young person, you are called to leave a mark on this world, but that mark will depend on the decisions you make in this time. The Lord wants you to be exclusively for Him. He does not want to share you with anyone or anything. He wants all of you completely and exclusively for Him. Give yourself to Him with passion. Give more of what you know you can give. Waste yourself in love in Him.

 Leave a mark in the place where it will never be erased, leave a mark in the heart of Jesus!


5. To be set apart for Him is to forgive wholeheartedly:

Matthew 18:21

God wants you to experience repentance and confess to Him where you have failed. Then, the Lord will forgive you and you will also be able to forgive others with all your heart. Because being set apart for Him, is to be separated from resentment, hatred, anger, revenge. It is to come closer to divine healing that forgiveness brings, and that you can achieve through Jesus.

 Forgiveness is not a feeling, it is a decision!

Do not forget that you are part of the generation that will transform the nations of the earth. The generation that the Lord will set apart for Himself in order to show His power, His love, His blessing, so that many may have the experience of being reached by God’s salvation.

This is your time, the time to empty yourself, give yourself, consecrate yourself and be set apart for Him.