Winning our generations through the Vision

The Vision helps you care for your family, lead each generation, and bring them to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives.

We believe that God’s dream is to raise purposeful families, understanding that each family member has a calling to influence society. This call is not only for the leader of the house, or a passionate young man, but for each family member: the man, the woman, and the youth and children.

But now, the real question is: how do I win my generations to Jesus? How do I show them that they have a special calling?

This new generation is crying out for an identity, for a purpose, which is why today we will give you some guidelines for effective winning:

  • Paul in 1 Corinthians 2:9:19-23 shows how he looked for the aspects he had in common to reach people, likewise, we can try to understand the struggles and experiences of this new generation to pray for their needs and thus get closer.
  • Pray and visualize specifically these young people and children serving the Lord. Have a constant and tireless cry for them.
  • Ask for help, use the strategies and events of the church, as well as the help of leaders, focused on these specific audiences and ages.
  • Trust and persevere, because God has a purpose with your generations.

This is the time God has established for the life of your family, ministry, and generations, they will be impacted by His light and likewise, will impact many.

The Vision leads you to win your generations!