The Vision in Korea

G12 Conference – The Light of the World Korea 2023

We just had one of the most powerful and overwhelming experiences during our visit to the nation of Korea in March.

It was 12 intense days of imparting faith, as the Apostle Paul said, but also being blessed by their faith.

We also ministered on the beautiful island of Jeju at the church of Pastors Lee and Che, The Vision coordinators in Korea.

It was 4 days of intense training on the 4 steps of the ladder of success. The entire G12 Korea team and their disciples were motivated, trained and empowered to move forward with The Vision.

More than 2000 pastors and leaders attended, not only from Korea, but also a delegation from Mongolia came to learn more about how to develop The Vision more effectively.
It was exciting for us to see how they love The Vision and are faithfully developing it.  Seeing our Pastor Cesar’s books completely translated into Korean is amazing.

We all know that Pastor Cho’s ministry has impacted the world with the cellular vision, and although he has gone to be with the Lord, his legacy is still remarkable.

But as we talked with different pastors in Korea who are in the vision, we found something common to all their testimonies. They all say, “The G12 Vision is a vision that restores families in a comprehensive way,” where it is possible to raise priestly families, something that has been lost in Korea because very few young people are seen in church. But this is not the case for churches that are living the vision. The youth are the most impressive to see: thousands of young people with a real desire to serve the Lord.

We also heard about the case of a Pastor’s son who decided to leave the military (he was a very good captain in the Korean army) to work with his parents in the youth ministry. Like this testimony, there are many more!
The G12 Vision has brought life to churches, restoration and the strength to conquer.
There is more to tell about this experience. . . But more than telling, it is best to experience it. Imagine all that God can do through you and your ministry through The Vision!
Pastors Rafael and Luz Perez