The Importance of Cultivating the Character of Christ in Your Disciples


For three years, Jesus walked with His disciples. He taught and corrected them, He showed them the way, and taught them to be different so that when the Holy Spirit came, they could reproduce in others the formation He sowed in them for years.

There are many who come to church every weekend just to hear a sermon and receive a word of encouragement. But we need to understand that for the church of Christ to grow, and for each person to be transformed, we must yearn to have the character of Jesus formed in us.

Just like Jesus, every member of the G12 Vision has one goal: to reproduce the character of Christ in their life and in their disciples, since this is what it truly means to be His follower.

But how do we form disciples who have the character of Christ?

Let’s look at a few characteristics:

• Born again: Many times, people want to do their own will and follow the nature of their own character. But when they are born again, their desire to be more like Jesus grows everyday.

• Read the Word and put it into practice: Your disciples will begin to notice a change in their lives when they realize that the Bible reads them more than they read it.

• Effective discipleship: When there is effective discipleship, their character is perfected and they are formed in love, just the way God formed you.

Finally, as believers, we know that fiery trials perfect one’s character. As the potter makes changes to the clay in his hands to make it perfect, so each member of His church will be formed, and though it may hurt at times, we know that this results in having the character of Christ.

Let’s be His disciples and form more followers of Jesus who want to be like Him!