The G12 Vision has changed my life for the better in every single way!

I was a woman gripped by fear and with a very low self esteem, never believing I could do anything significant for God. Being in G12, I’ve learned so much through the teaching of my Pastors Cesar & Claudia Castellanos, and their team of leaders around the world. They have taught me how to obtain freedom in my life from bondages, curses, sickness and hurts that held me. I have learned how to be a better wife, mother and leader, in a way I never thought was possible.

I can honestly say that my own life, my marriage and family have been totally transformed by God through the dedication, example, generosity, wisdom, direction, discipleship and love of Pastor Cesar and Claudia and those in the G12 family. Today I’m a wife to a wonderful husband, the mother of four incredible children, and together we serve God. I’m also the leader of 12 amazing women who have the same testimony of freedom, and are living out the purpose of God for their lives here in the U.K.

Thank you Pastor Cesar and Claudia for generously sharing the G12 vision and for being faithful and obedient to model it. My husband and I, together with my family will forever be grateful to God for our Pastors and friends in G12.

Julie Nundy
Vision Church
Leeds, U.K.