There are ancestral traditions to prepare for the beginning of a new year, some more ridiculous than others. For example, eat 12 grapes at midnight, leave the windows and doors open at 00:00, kiss the one you love when the bells ring announcing the new year, leap from a chair when the clock strikes 12, or run around the block with a suitcase predicting that this year you will accumulate travel miles like never before! And although they seem like our grandparents’ old traditions, they’ve managed to be passed on from generation to generation, having origin in Germany, England, the Middle East, and East Asia, among others. Many in the world prepare like this, putting their faith in what they can do to shape the new year according to their dreams and desires.


However, for those of us who believe in the Truth of Jesus, we know our destiny does not lie in ancestral traditions that “attract luck,” but our hope is firmly anchored in the One who sustains our future and nourishes our faith to see the things that are not as if they were, bringing the richest blessings of Heaven to earth.


But, if a Christian does not run around the block with a suitcase or fill his pockets with lentils or eat 12 grapes at midnight (although we excuse ourselves saying that we refer to the “government of the 12”), then how Is a believer preparing to receive the best of God in the new year?


In context, the people of Israel have about nine important festivals where they unite as one to honor God, seek His face and celebrate that they are the nation chosen and loved by the Lord. Each festival brings renewal and purpose, confirms that each person is loved by God, and affirms in the hearts of the participants that His ways are higher and better than their own.


Likewise, as the Global G12 Church, we understand that each conference in January brings the clear vision of God’s desire and His plan of action for that year, and particularly this year, the 2020 Vision Conference brings with it the beginning of a new decade that will mark the dawn of a revival which we have dreamed of for years. But for that, training and formation are preponderant. Only the firmness of our character can support the weight of a ministry that has been raised in the movement of the coming revival.


As Generacion 12, and International Charismatic Mission Church, we have been preparing spiritually and structurally for several months to carry out the greatest convention we have experienced in 35 years of history as a church. Even more so when our conference will take place in such an iconic place, the place where it all began: The Movistar Arena (formerñy the Covered Colosseum).


We are preparing the environment so that our special guest, the Holy Spirit, can come and breathe the flame of revival into each heart. We have prayed for years for a spiritual awakening like the one lived by the early Church in the First Century, and we are at the doors to experience it again. The latter glory of this house will be greater than the first, but for that, we need to prepare ourselves, receive the key that opens the gates of Heaven, and receive the passion and conviction of what the Lord has prepared. We must take part in this annual festival to hear His voice.


Dear Conventionist, welcome to 2020 Vision. We are working hard to orchestrate the perfect environment of excellence in which the Lord loves to move. Come and be challenged to live out your calling and purpose. We are working for you, for the Lord. Start the year and the decade in the best way, fueling your spirit and burning in immeasurable passion for Him.




Andrés Cufino, MCI Bogota 

Publishing Manager for Generación 12

Coordinator for Interpreters and Bilingual Guides in the Vision 2020 Conference

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