I had the privilege of being there when Ariana was born and it truly was an amazing experience. Although we often see that special moment portrayed in movies or we hear our friends telling us about their own experiences, there really is nothing quite like being there.

Well, Lorena had one nurse taking care of her while I had two! I was so excited about everything that was happening that I started to feel a bit strange. I quietly asked the nurse if she had any alcohol wipes to help cool me down, but she asked the entire room really, really loudly, “Does anyone have any alcohol? He’s going to faint!” They brought me a chair and I sat next to Lorena so that I could encourage her from there…well actually, she just looked at me and told me to sit down because she knew that I was feeling funny, and just got on with the labor!


There was an atmosphere of prayer and excitement in the room that seemed more real than anything else we had ever experienced before. I’ve been skydiving and done extreme sports, but none of that compared to the excitement of being there for my daughter’s birth.

The birth took 10 minutes and we all began to cry when we saw Ariana because we were so overwhelmed with joy.

When they placed her in my arms, I did what every new father does – I checked that everything was in the right place! Then it was time to change her nappy – the first time went great, but everything changed as soon as she had had her first feed!


I knew that she was going to arrive on the day that she was born. God had placed it in my heart to write her a letter so I had been thinking about what I could say. I had spent the last two months just thinking of ideas but I hadn’t been able to put anything down on paper yet. There in the hospital I received inspiration from God and the Lord gave me a prophetic word for her life. I remembered that my dad had always spoken prophetic words over my life. I can truly say that who I am today is the fruit of those words, and now I have the opportunity to declare them over my own daughter’s life.


Ariana, you were formed by God through praise and worship. Songs of glory were heard in the heavens as the angel Gabriel prepared to announce your arrival. He asked the heavenly Father, “And what will be her name?”

“I will let the Holy Spirit choose,” He answered.

“I’ve got it!” the Holy Spirit said. “She will be called Ariana because she will be set apart for God, perfect and full of grace.”

While the angels sang the most beautiful of songs, the heavenly Father set about creating your body with great devotion. He did everything perfectly according to His Word. Gabriel came to our house on a beautiful Sunday morning and announced that you would soon arrive. With tears of joy, we thanked God for you – our greatest gift. As we imagined and visualized how beautiful you would be, the Lord thought to Himself, “I will place praise on her lips and her heart will always be full of joy. She will have her mother’s sensitivity to hear the voice of God and the courage of David, who never feared because his trust was in Me.”

The hand of the Lord was upon you for what seemed like just a few short hours to God but lasted nine long months here on earth. Angels and archangels are ascending and descending on the staircase that Jacob saw all those years ago, which connects heaven to earth. They are getting everything ready for your arrival, proclaiming the good news that the Father is entrusting the most wonderful inheritance we could ever have imagined into our hands – you are that gift from heaven that fills us with light and peace. I will take care of your precious life with love and will protect you like a delicate vase. The sound of heaven welcomes you and we can hear the instruments of heaven announcing your arrival, as we count the minutes until we see you. Your father.

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