The Vision had a powerful impact in Chile in 2017. We want to thank the entire G12 team for the continuous training we receive, giving our ministries greater effectiveness and focus.

The training for missionaries hosted in Bogota at last year’s youth conference in July, marked a before and after in the way the Vision unfolds in Chile.

We took on the task to retrain our leaders and pastoral body because what the Scripture says is true:

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success.” Ecclesiastes 10:10 NKJV

Sometimes, without realizing we work a lot and very hard, but don’t end up seeing the desired fruit.

We took time to review each step of the Vision, correct ourselves and set very clear and focused goals.

We decided we wanted faithful and permanent information, evaluating quality and quantity in each step of the Vision. All of this has taken us to reach all of our goals for growth for the first time.

We started by challenging ourselves to grow 30% in the conference attendance, and we reached it. We counted a total of 5,000 people. We determined to grow 30% in our members in all of our MCI churches, especially the main church in Santiago, and we did it.

The 31st of December we won a total of 2,444 people, took 779 people to Life Class, involved 329 people in Destiny Training, registered an average of 1,500 people in our weekly assistance for Sunday service and closed the year with 350 cell groups.

For 26 years, we have been praying for my mother-in-law to come back to MCI. When Pastor Cesar Castellanos released his book, Just One Drop, we began to pray specifically applying every shedding of the blood of Jesus over her life and in three months we saw the miracle we hadn’t seen in 26 years!

We want to thank God for His love, grace and mercy. We also thank our pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos for pastoring us with love, being our spiritual parents, trusting in us and giving us the direction that has constantly pushed us to great conquests.

Thank you to the Missions team, led by pastors Julian and Lorena, for their hard work that enables us to reach excellence and growth in our ministries.




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