God’s heart beats for every person who does not know Him. None of what we do as a church would hold any significance if our primary goal were not that of rescuing all those who are lost in the deceitfulness of the enemy.

God has recently been leading us as a church to leave our comfort zone, encouraging us to work together to win those who still do not know God. We have come to understand how important it is to go out into the streets to bring the message of salvation to every individual so that they can receive Jesus in their hearts. We have been preparing ourselves for a season of supernatural harvest because it is time to fill our house, that is, our church.

Here is some practical advice that will help you as you step out in faith to win new people:

1. Win people’s trust

The people we meet are searching for true friends who are genuinely interested in their needs. God has called us to be people who can be trusted. It is important that we encourage genuine trust so that people can open their hearts and freely share their needs with us. We will sometimes need to demolish arguments that may be hindering them from trusting us – but we must always do this with wisdom and respect.

2. Ask questions that will allow you to see the spiritual condition of the person

You will then be able to understand the true inner need of each individual so that God can use you to speak a specific word to them and to explain with confidence what God is able to do in their lives.

3. Speak about the four opportunities

Every person needs to know that God is a God of opportunities. Whatever condition people might find themselves in, He always knows how to transform their lives. God gives us 4 precious opportunities: the opportunity for an encounter, the opportunity for reconciliation, the opportunity to be made new, and the opportunity for provision.

4. Share the good news

Every message is incomplete whenever people do not accept Jesus’ salvation. The good news is that salvation is for everybody, without exception – everyone who believes will be saved. It is therefore important that you help people repeat the prayer of salvation so that they can ask Jesus to come into their hearts.

5. Schedule the next time you will see them

It’s very important that this first conversation is not the last. When a person receives Jesus into their heart, they are beginning a process. The idea is that they would come to know God as their Father, and that they would understand that all their needs have been supplied by Him. Toward the end of the conversation, schedule a day and a time when you can visit the person, preferably in their house, because this will show them that you are genuinely interested in their needs. Also invite them to come to your church meetings so that they can get involved and feel part of a new family in God.

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