We are living very decisive times as the church of Christ, where God is demanding commitment and radical surrender from His people. It is a time where God is stirring the heart of every believer to rise up as that spiritual warrior who will generate change in their community and be light for this generation.

Doctor Derek Prince said, There is no other legitimate route to promotion in the Kingdom of God to become a leader, but through self-humbling.  It is an unchanging and absolute principle, there are no exceptions! The only way up is down”. This paints a clear picture of what is on God’s heart regarding His people. We need to humble ourselves, so God can use us to save many people and bring that great revival He’s promised for this time.

In this devotional. pastor Lorena Castellanos shares with us how this song came to be. It all started with a Word that designed the clear path that will lead us to see revival in every area of our lives.

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