On the midnight of Friday, 31st of March of last year, the population of Mocoa, state capital of Putumayo, located in the southwestern region of Colombia, lived one of the most painful events in their history. Heavy rains provoked the overflowing of the Mocoa, Mulato and Sangoyaco rivers, generating a landslide that wiped out everything in its way. It destroyed 17 neighborhoods, resulted in more than 250 casualties, hundreds of wounded people, countless disappeared, and around 45,000 victims left without a house, furniture and clothes. Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up and there be nothing left around you? Without a doubt, what happened in Mocoa was a tragedy that grieved the whole nation.


After this episode, our non-profit organization, Un Solo Corazon, did not delay to extend a hand to those who needed humanitarian aid. With the valuable management carried out by the manager of the Iglesia Misión Carismática Internacional, together with the National and International MCI ministries, we launched our campaign, “Todos con Mocoa”. Our goal with this project was not to merely take supplies, but hope, restoration and faith through the preaching of the gospel.


We firmly believed that the little of many would be enough to achieve our great goal of raising 100 million Colombian pesos; 100% of the proceeds would be given to the families affected. It was impacting to see the people approaching the donation booths with supplies in their hands, and see the youth and children help with warm smiles. The young givers inspired and awakened the desire to help in many people. – “They are people who need the help of their fellow Colombians, for it is better to give than to receive”. – these were the words declared by a woman who carried her grain of sand to contribute to the cause.


Because the church has understood this principle of the kingdom, we were able to collect more than 3 tons of supplies such as water, tents, blankets, non-perishable food items and cleaning supplies. Without a doubt, that was the opportunity to put on display the character of Jesus and serve in an efficient way, working as a real team; with one heart and one spirit.


There is gratitude in our heart for every missionary, leader, and caring family that through their support, made it possible for more than 3000 families to be blessed with the donations received. The little of many was enough to help rebuild Mocoa.

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