The Blessing of Serving

I’ve been a part of G12 Church for the last 14 years and have gained so much more than I ever thought possible. God not only gave me a family, a new nature and joy in abundance, but also the privilege to serve. I say privilege because as I’ve served, God has equipped me with many more talents than I could have ever dreamt of.

In the different seasons God led me through, I was able to develop skills by serving in conferences, events, even in cell groups. For example, in the production team I learned how to record a sermon, work a video camera, and cut videos to upload them to Instagram. I didn’t have to pay to learn this new skill, I just had to be willing to be trained and join the volunteer team at my church.

God did not stop there, He allowed me to translate from a language that is not my first language. This was a new beginning for me because coming to the United States as a foreigner many years ago gave me a new nature. This new nature allowed me to become a translator to the culture God asked me to adopt. I could never fully express how thankful I am for my church, G12 Church. Here, I learned the real meaning of the word service which has opened the doors to the blessings God wanted me to receive.

Ivette Olaya, G12 Church

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