Thank You from The Deremov´s (G12 Russia)

We are very grateful for Pastor Cesar´s fatherly heart and for Pastor Emma Claudia´s heart of a mother. Through their example they teach us parents how we are to treat our family… because everything begins in the family. We are grateful for the opportunity to witness their life and commitment because part of being in leadership is following the example given. Pastors Cesar and Emma Claudia´s lives are a good example of a large church, multiplication and discipleship.


We are also grateful for the example of their priestly family and being able to see how their children serve God. We are also impacted by how many people, nations and countries are following their footsteps. And of course we are grateful for their willing hearts to personally minister to us and our church, for always being willing to pray for Russia and spend quality time with us. We are grateful for their visits to Russia, which have been of great importance to our nation. We are grateful that the Lord gives us His Vision through the ministry of Pastors Castellanos.


We are supremely grateful to God for this year. At the beginning of 2020, through Pastor Cesar, the Lord unleashed His word for our lives and challenged us to move to another city, to the capital city of our country. It was not easy to follow the word because of the global pandemic and the circumstances around us told us not to go. But the word spoken by faith helped us take this step of faith! We are grateful that even from a distance and though we are on different continents, we can feel the support, love and inspiration we always receive in Colombia!


With love,

Pastors Eduard and Olga Deremov

G12 Russia


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