In 2016, the whole G12 movement in the Philippines was moved by a word that challenged our hearts. Pastor Cesar Castellanos delivered this message from God that started something that at it’s core we did not understand but as a church we were willing to heed the calling. The challenge was to learn to work in the supernatural as we gather a number of people that has never been reached before. Bs. Oriel M. Ballano, the G12 coordinator in the Philippines, received and accepted the challenge with the goal of gathering 100,000 people, and began working with pastors from all over the Nation. The Bishop truly believes and lives by the declaration, “Teamwork makes the Dream work”, and as Pastor Claudia Castellanos teaches, “If there is no team, there is no conquest”.

Nationwide intercessions and mentorings were conducted all throughout the country and more than 7000 churches were mobilized. Four months before the Cell Miracle Catch, the said evangelistic gathering was included in the cell group monitoring on a weekly basis. Cell leaders were setting goals and were monitoring the people who would come to experience revival in their lives. These people and our massive gathering were included in the Morning Prayers held in every G12 church, because we believed that faith not accompanied by deeds is dead (James 2:17). The consistency in prayer and monitoring of goals during cell groups led to the great harvest. The consolidation process took place even during the preparation, giving people a sense of belonging and  strengthening the gospel in the community. We believed that if we care for them  genuinely, they would definitely feel the love of God – that we were not after the numbers, but we were after people encountering God and miracles.

Few days before the evangelistic gathering, the cell leaders organized the transportation of the guests, friends, and loved ones. Bus and “jeepneys” were rented as service ride. The cell leaders also packed lunch and snacks for themselves and the guests in preparation for the long day.

Few hours before the event happened, an earthquake Magnitude 5.0 also occurred in Metro Manila, but this didn’t hinder the evangelistic gathering, because the people didn’t feel the quake. We believe that it was God’s presence and power that protected everyone and instead of the fright from the calamity, the people experienced miracle and revival.

They received the vision of Nation Transformation, having a changed Philippines. Over 7,000 Churches worked together to achieve the dream. And with the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of each leader who brought people to the gathering, not only was the goal achieved, but glory was given to God for accomplishing the next level of the ministry. Majority of the people who received and experienced miracle, were preserved and stayed in the church. They are now connected to cell groups and are being discipled by the cell leaders in the church, with the cause of nation transformation. This preservation of the harvest is a great manifestation of God’s power.

Bs. Oriel, together with all the National 12, continue to work hard in the ministry, fighting for a better Philippines. They persevere in the vision knowing that whatever good numbers they now have in their churches, a lot more Filipinos need Jesus in their lives. It is just the beginning. The participants of the first ever G12 Cell Miracle Catch went back to their families and communities, being sent to spread His light and be the light. We know, from here on, we can only expect a better and more God-filled nation.


Grace Ballano

Youth Pastor in the Philippines

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