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Pastored In His Love


This book takes students on a journey through Psalm 23 and shows them how to become Christians who are firm in their faith. Each chapter unpacks a simple lesson from Psalm 23 and equips them to live their life for Christ in the best way possible.


The Power Of A Vision


Everything that exists originated from a vision that God had of Creation. Vision is the motor that has propelled prominent leaders to shape the destiny of entire nations.

This book teaches about the importance of having a clear vision, which motivates a person to persevere in life, and explains the vision that God has given to our church, which has blessed thousands of people around the world.





A Winning Strategy


Throughout the centuries, the most effective evangelism has been person to person. Jesus was surrounded by the multitudes but He looked for the opportunity to speak personally with the Samaritan woman. Through personal contact, we should look for the opportune moment to tell others about God.

Learn how to implement the cell strategy so that you can reach multitudes with the gospel of Christ.


Families With Purpose


The heart is a precious treasure that God has given us, and it needs to be protected. Getting married is not the end goal – doing the will of God is. Society today is facing one of the worst crises in the history of humanity in regards to family – the best protection for families comes when the couple gets involved in the ministry. This has a powerful effect on others – particularly as this enables their children to want to follow their example.


This book will teach you how to build a family for God and raise a generation for Him.



Effective Leadership


Effective Leadership helps us understand that faith is the basic foundation that will enable us to become an influential leader. Students will discover the unfathomable riches found in a life of faith, a love for souls, an anointing to preach the Word, and other qualities that will help them develop a lasting ministry.


The Holy Spirit Within Me


The Holy Spirit is the only One who knows the most intimate thoughts of God, He is the only bridge linking the human and the divine, the eternal and the temporary. Only He can help us see God’s glory poured out on the earth. After ascending into heaven, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to take His place.

Jesus could only leave in charge someone He trusted completely. The only One who met the necessary requirements was the Holy Spirit.

Our heart is that as well as receiving the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit, students would understand the importance of having a close relationship with Him. They will then be able to raise up a ministry that transforms lives and entire nations.

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1. Pastored In His Love, 2. The Power Of A Vision, 3. A Winning Strategy, 4. Families With Purpose, 5. Effective Leadership, 6. The Holy Spirit Within Me


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