God’s kingdom is indeed forcefully and intentionally advancing in the nation of the Philippines as more than 300,000 people from all over the Philippines came to stand in behalf of the nation at the Miracle Catch 2018 at Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park on April 21, 2018. Indeed, Miracles upon miracles unfolded in that place! All the intercessions locally and from all around the world, mentoring sessions held months before the life changing event prepared the hearts of the people to recognize and receive the miracles that He showered upon us.

Indeed, when God moves, no one can stand against! Not even tornados or the striking sun can hinder the move of God. Two days prior the said event, three tornados took place at the venue damaging the stage that was primarily build. The LED screens were affected as well, and have to redo the set-up. Praise God that everything was worked out by God in His proper time and that did not stop Him from blessing His anointed children. 

The powerful work of the Holy Spirit has been felt, creating a harmonious and festive atmosphere all over the place. Pastor Cesar Castellanos, the father of the G12 Vision, released miracles, healing, blessings, and restoration through the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. His daughter pastor. Johanna Castellanos and her husband pastor Eliemerson Proenca, the G12 International team. The National 12 with Bishop Oriel Ballano as the G12 Philippines national coordinator, Bishop  Noel Pantoja, president of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, and doctor Greco Belgica of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission, among others, were present in this momentous event. Standing on the firm foundation of God’s Word on the original design of God for the family, everyone took a solid stand, raising a war cry “Tutol ako!” (I am against it) against the advancement of SOGIE bill (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression) and Divorce bill in the country.

Bishop Oriel M. Ballano concluded the event, stating the impact of the G12 Vision on the future of this nation, declaring: ¨Being one under the sovereign and absolute authority of God, we will never stop declaring, “The Philippines is for Jesus!”¨

Grace Ballano

Youth pastor in the Philippines

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