Has it ever happened that you try to invite someone to a conference, but their answer is, “I appreciate the invitation, but I have way too much work—or school—and, you might not believe this, but I feel busier than the President himself.” Or maybe you have been trying for some time to get this particular person to come, but it seems like the more you invite him, the more he rejects your invitation. Or, maybe you have been reminding this person of the conference dates for a long time, offering all of your help to get them registered, but he just so happened to forget the place, the time, and the day.

I believe that we all face these type of situations at one point, if you haven’t already, you will. We have to understand that there are times when these arguments are excuses that our guest is presenting so they do not have to enter into a greater commitment with God or with you. But, there are also many people that have a background of strong arguments because of a bad example of a previous leader or pastor that they knew. Perhaps some are still bound to the things of the world, and they do not want to let go of their old nature. Or, in other cases, these people do not feel connected as part of the church, so they feel strange and feel like they will feel out of place at the conference

It is important to keep some tips in mind that will allow us to see a different result in the people we are inviting:


In Hebrews 4:12, Scripture tells us that the Word of God is alive and effective and it cuts deeper than any double-edged sword. This means that the Word of God is how we should refute any argument; we should have a specific verse from the Word for each situation.


It is indispensable to break every argument in prayer, by applying the relevant outpouring of the Blood of Jesus, according to their need. We must stand in the gap for them, and this will cause their heart to be changed and they will long to be touched by God at the conference.


Although we live in a society of technology, we cannot make the mistake of being online pastors. The people need you to truly stand in their shoes, to listen them personally, and to get on their level. A visit can mark the heart, not just of one person, but of an entire family.


We have to understand that each of these new believers will be future leaders within the church. In the conference, they will receive what their hearts need. This is why we have to instruct them with love, without hurting them emotionally, without arguing with them, but by teaching them the purpose they have in God through the Word and through our testimony.

We are just a few days away from starting our international men’s conference, “Brave Warriors” 2016, in Bogota. We know that this will be an appointment with the Holy Spirit with the men, so that each of them can become a brave conqueror and a faithful priest (like the one described in the Word in 1 Samuel 2:35).

So, we hope to see you on October 6-8, with your friends, disciples, and family. Together we will experience something supernatural at this conference, and it will change our nature.


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