Just a few weeks ago we concluded our first G12 International Conference of the year. For one week, friends from all over the world gathered in the Movistar Arena in Bogota, Colombia to receive God´s vision for this new year and decade. We´re still not over it.


Now that everyone has gone home and back to their day to day routine, we find ourselves trying to process everything God did and how exactly we are supposed to put it into practice. That´s what we want to talk about today. I am sure, that like me, you encountered God in a very profound way. You heard His voice so clear there´s no doubt it was Him and now you want to set your city on fire with the love of Jesus. I want to share four practical tips on how to live what you were taught.


1. Review.

So much happened so fast during 2020 Vision that I´ve needed to take some time to digest what God spoke. Take some time this week to review your notes from the conference. Scroll through your camera roll and look at the pictures and videos from that week. Refresh your memory on what you lived and feed the fire to keep it burning. If you´d like to rewatch the conference, you can find the whole pack here.

2. Conceive.

After you´ve recalled what God spoke and did, take it to your secret place and pray about it. Pray bold prayers, pray with faith, pray specific prayers based on what He promised you. Pastor Cesar is continually teaching us about the importance of visualizing; visualize what you´re praying and declare what you desire to see in your city and nation.

3. Make it relevant.

I think prayer helps us internalize what we learned, it takes our sermon notes in our notebooks and transfers the message to our hearts. We are then able to make it relevant to us and our communities. How can you use what you learned and lived in the conference to impact your family, workplace, school, etc.? Set weekly challenges for yourself based on the teachings of the conference. For example, start and end your day with a special conversation with the Holy Spirit as we learned from Pastor Benny Hinn. Commit to a new discipline that will help you reach your desired goal as Pastor Sara encouraged us to do. Make time to pray how Pastor Cesar taught us.

4. Repeat.

My mom once told me that the key to success is consistency. It´s very important for us to set time aside to review our notes (again), pray about it (again), and apply the teachings to our day to day lives.


I believe that your heart and mine are fertile soil where the Word of God was sown, and I for one am looking forward to seeing it flourish into purpose, revival, and VISION!




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