Yesterday we learned from Pastor Claudia Castellanos that all we need to take our call and save our people is to know God as Moses did (Exodus 3:15). Getting to know the God of Abraham, to understand the God of Isaac, and to become friends with the God of Jacob will make you a messenger of hope even if you feel you’re not qualified.

This week we will receive the legacy of bringing the promise that God has already unleashed on those in poverty and oppression. As Moses led the prophecy to the people of Israel and said, “you will be a great nation!” when the reality was different, we must take the good news to those around us. This week the years of slavery will end, just as those 400 years ended for the people of Israel when Moses was determined to fulfill his calling.


To fulfill the call to transform a nation we must have the revelation of three key elements: The Bread which is our food. At this time your hunger for the Word of God will wake up like never before, hunger to know His truth and to walk under His guidance. The Wine represents the victory that we already obtained by the blood of Jesus, through this wine we have defeated the enemy, any circumstances and prove. And finely The Oil is the touch that comes from the Holy Spirit in the moment we strip away who we are to be filled with Him.


Knowing God deeply allows us to understand that we can free the slaves of our people and take them to a land flowing with milk and honey. The only thing needed is the human element: a person carrying the message, to develop it. It is you and me that will follow Moses example to take that message of protection to our generation.

Before each conquest God gives you a promise

This year’s promise is: “Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession” Psalm 2: 8.

Today ask God to give you the nations as an inheritance, you have authority to fructify because you are a His child, you are heir, you are the chosen for this time.

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