I am a Leader

The Beauty of Being a Woman

Being able to witness the unfolding of my parents’ ministry has allowed me to understand the power there is in just one cell group. It is in the cell group where we can put into practice every step of the Vision.

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see how He started by calling three men. Then, little by little, He added to that group which He was forming to consolidate His team of 12.

I started my first cell group when I was a teenager, and have never stopped having one since. This is where I learned many pastoral principles, it has been the playing field for me to answer my calling and let the Holy Spirit shape His character in me. I am still learning today, and am continually being formed by the Lord.

When I married Eliemerson, we made the decision to always host a cell group in our home, it was our commitment to the Lord. It doesn’t matter where we live, the doors of our home will be opened to preach His Word!

In 2 Samuel 6:10-11, we are inspired by Obed’s example, a man who opened the doors of his home to welcome the ark of God. The ark was in his house for three months and his entire home was greatly blessed. The greatest part in all this, was that his family got involved serving in the house of God.

There were three elements in the ark of the God that must also be in every cell group:

  1. The tablets of the law represent the Word of God.
  2. The manna is witnessing God’s daily provision for us.
  3. The rod of Aaron that flourished is us bearing fruit.

I am a Leader is a planner designed to help new leaders start their cell group in the best way. The planner challenges us to grow and learn throughout a 10-week period, as I share step by step, the most important principles I have learned to see success in the cell group. The first four weeks are to prepare for the opening of the cell group. The other six weeks, you will develop creative ideas to have fruitful cell groups. Each week has a rhema word for the leader, a brief explanation, homework and specific challenges focused on strengthening your leadership.

You will find space in the margins so you can take notes as you prepare your cell group. You can jot down your specific challenges, timelines, goals, drafts for the teachings and activities, etc. Remember that our goal is to have the best cell group, which is why it’s important to work hard every week to reach that great result. To accomplish this, every goal needs to be specific and measurable, must have a deadline, and must be written down. In I am a Leader, you will find the necessary tools to put all of this into practice.

I have seen many women wake up to their call in ministry through their cell group. They have reached their objectives in a very creative and innovative way, with I am a Leader in their hand.


Johanna Castellanos

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