Unity and fellowship have characterized us as a family, but the characteristic that has been most important to us and has brought so much blessing to our lives is that we serve God. We do this based on the promise found in Exodus 23:35, which says, “Worship the Lord your God, and His blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.”

My husband and I received and believed this promise at the very beginning of our Christian lives and we have seen how it has become a reality for us as a couple and for every one of our children – it has brought blessing to every area of our lives.


This is the key that God gave us when we first became Christians to win our entire family. Everything is won in prayer. Intercession also represents the guidance God gives us through the Holy Spirit.

Intercession is an integral part of who we are as a family. Because of prayer and intercession, we have been able to conquer so many of the promises God has given us. I know that as we continue to pray, declare in faith, and prophesy, we will see each and every promise become a reality in our lives.


It is important that, through prayer, we always maintain this vision of serving God together. But the way to make it become a reality is by involving our children in the various activities that are happening in our church.

It is important that we recognize the talents our children have and that we look for ways to help them develop in them. It is also essential that we understand the temperaments and life stages of our children; not everyone receives the call of God for their lives in the same way. All children live through different circumstances. When they experience brokenness and hear the Word of God, that is when what we have taught them as parents will be confirmed in them. We should encourage them, invest in a good relationship with them, and listen to them so that we can understand them.


We are always responsible to guide our children – often as parents, but sometimes as pastors – leading them to those quiet waters and green pastures. They should feel that they have parents who share happy experiences with them and who introduce them to a good God who gives good opportunities, but who also has a staff to correct us. God gives us wisdom so that we can understand and correct each of our children. We have learned that there is no point pastoring a flock outside of our family if our own children are not being pastored. When we first pastor our children, we will be able to be better pastors in the church.


We are thankful to God because we have fulfilled the purpose of God by being pastors; we have a family whose shepherd is the Lord and we have learned to be like sheep so that we can be guided by Him.

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