What’s important is not what I can do, but what God can do through my life. Leading the multitudes that join us every meeting in worship is a huge responsibility. Being on stage requires spiritual excellence, sacrifice and a life of testimony; it is where everything in me is put to the test. It is wonderful to see how people connect to worship, turning a public place into a time of intimacy with Jesus.

Being part of a worship team is something that we are entrusted with, a calling we should not take lightly. It is an opportunity to work in a team. Although we have many band members, it’s not about competing with each other; it’s about friendship and helping one another. I have come to realize that we are all serving as part of one body.

We work hard every day to be better at what we do and reach a new level of excellence; this is something I have learnt from Pastors Julian and Lorena Gamba (who head up the worship ministry). We are always learning because we are always advancing. Moreover, being around the amazing musicians in our worship team always challenges me to learn more; we are all friends who spend a lot of time together, supporting and teaching each other.

We are not only musicians; each one of us is also involved in the ministry. “The vision is unity,” so we always make it our goal to be the best leaders, supporting each other as we grow.

It is a great privilege to be part of Generación 12. I love having the opportunity to use our music to bring the message of Christ to so many places and lead many people into the presence of God.

Johan Manjarres · Generación 12 Vocalist

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