Generación 12 Kids – New Album Coming Soon


Working on our new kids album has been such a great experience because my children have been able to enjoy the production process along with me. Actually, their input has been key – whenever I hear them singing the songs I realize that what I’m doing is coming out well. It’s been an awesome time to enjoy working with my family and they’ve been helping me get things just right.

The lyrics talk about stories in the Bible – stories about faith, heroes, and great men of God who did amazing things as they followed the Lord Jesus. The goal of the album is that children would be able to understand that Jesus loves them, and that this message would be communicated through simple language and fun music.

Something so special for me has been that recording this album has enabled us to discover new talent in the church. We were so blessed every time we made a demo for one of the songs because we were surprised to see that there are children who have incredible talents and that they want to use them to serve the Lord.

Our new album will be released in the coming months – full of surprises and fun that will get your children dancing. Until then, you can follow Generación 12 Kids on social media.

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