The ladder of success is a series of steps that every new believer should take so that they can then become a leader in the church.


This is when a person receives Jesus in their heart. If we want to win someone for Christ, it is important that we pray fervently for them – we should persevere in prayer until they make a genuine commitment to Christ and start attending both a cell group and a weekend church service. As a church, we have learned how important it is to consistently focus on this step. We have therefore made evangelistic events and evangelism a priority, encouraging the entire church to invite their friends to events and to get involved in activities by going out onto the streets to share the gospel with people. At least once a month, we have a special meeting or event that aims to draw in new people.


Once a person accepts Jesus in their heart, the process of Consolidation begins.
The person who invited the new believer should:

Make a call: Call the new believer within the first 48 hours of them having made a decision for Christ (this decision often takes place during one of our evangelistic meetings).

Visit their home: When we visit a home, we are able to identify the person’s current situation and we can often meet their family.
Ensure they become part of a cell group: It is so important that every new believer attends a cell group.

During the process of consolidation, we help people get ready to go to an Encounter. This preparation process is called Pre-Encounter, which consists of 7 classes that help people learn what it really means to be saved.

It is important that every new believer attends Pre-Encounter; each of the teachings will help give context to the content of the Encounter and will prepare every individual to receive the very best.

What is an Encounter? An Encounter is a 3 day retreat during which people set aside their normal daily activities so that they can focus on their spiritual life. The goal is that every person would receive a revelation of the cross. The main areas that we focus on during an Encounter are:

∙ Genuine conversion
∙ Inner healing and physical healing
∙ Freedom from every type of bondage and curse
∙ Being filled with the Holy Spirit
∙ Catching the heart of the G12 Vision so that we can all fulfill the dream of God together.

We have been able to see that when people genuinely encounter God, they surrender their lives 100% to serving Jesus. When they come home from an Encounter, they are full of the fire of God and they want to tell everyone they know about Jesus.

Post-Encounter is also an important part of Consolidation. Every person who has attended an Encounter will then attend 10 classes over a period of 10 weeks, during which they will learn about basic principles of the Christian life, as well as how best to continue in their new life in Christ.


This is the step when every person who has successfully passed through the process of Consolidation can now be trained to become a leader. Every believer needs to attend Destiny Training – a training course that forms comprehensive leaders, where every student will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the Word of God.

They will also learn key principles about what it means to be a leader. Each level of the course, designed to run alongside the academic year, consists of six modules that run over three terms. Once a student completes the second term, they are ready to open their own cell group.

ReEncounters are another important aspect of this step. They are an opportunity for people to go deeper in their relationship with God, with a focus toward leadership. ReEncounters can either last one day or a whole weekend. They usually cover topics that minister directly to the needs of those attending and help them grow in leadership and in the ministry.


It is a weekly evangelistic meeting where we come together to teach the Word of God, pray for people’s needs, and motivate each person to invite someone to the next cell group. It should not last for more than one hour. These guidelines will help you organize the time in your cell group:

Worship and prayer: 10 minutes.

Group activities (Create an atmosphere of togetherness): 10 minutes.

Share a message from the Word of God (Give a simple and relevant message that speaks to the life of each individual): 20 minutes.

Prayer to close the message: 10 minutes. Take a few minutes at the end to answer any questions and pray for specific needs.

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