G12 Church Takes Over Miami

G12 Church in Miami, Florida wants to wish you a happy new year! We pray your holiday season was filled with laughter and special moments. December was a big month for us and today we want to share a little bit about the things we did as a church to bless our community.



The later part of the year is famous for joy, love, and peace! It is a time to be generous and reflect on the many reasons we are thankful for one another. However, in the hearts of some, there is a deep void. This void is the result of loneliness, unfulfilled dreams, or a lack of love. As a church, we wanted to tell our city that whatever season they find themselves in– in their joy or in their loneliness, there is a God who is light! That is why we decided to dedicate a day where our servant leaders went out and spread this message throughout the city of Miami Gardens, where our church is located. On that day, we toured the city with acts of services, such as painting, street clean-ups, praying for families, and an event at His House Children’s Home, a place where over 220 children in the dependency system reside. 



As Christians, we understand the importance of praying for our city (Jeremiah 29:7). We typically pray for the city as a church, but by going out and speaking to the citizens one on one we were able to truly understand what needs they have and how to better present those names to God in prayer. Our hope is that by serving our city, God will bring prosperity to it. 


We are excited to continue serving our community this new year and seek different opportunities to share the light of Christ. How can you embody the gospel through serving this 2020? 



Ashley Rolle

G12 Church 



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