Two thousand seventeen was a very special year in our Church! It was a year where we actively went into the deep with God, leaving the control to Him and were more dependent on the Holy Spirit than ever!

In the spring time, we made a “Hope Tour” in the suburbs of Stockholm, preaching the gospel and meeting the needs of the people. We constantly saw new leaders rise up and witnessed how God restored the people who came to the church.

We feel a strong need for the salvation of our country and know that God prepared us last year to take the next step and expand by starting more churches in Sweden.

The G12 Vision is the best tool for starting new churches, through the Vision and with Jesus as our greatest example, we have the strategy and the plan that we know will be successful. We thank God for the lives of Pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos and for the opportunity to be part of the revival of the world. It’s time for Sweden and Europe!

In all the challenges we face, we use the teaching of the power of the blood of Jesus. It has been the key to winning souls, it’s what we talk in the cell groups and put into practice in all the challenges. The cell leaders visited all their disciples to anoint their homes with oil and pray for the protection of the blood of Jesus. We apply the blood over the church every day and also over our Christian school.

At the beginning of last year, Stockholm experienced a terrible terrorist attack in the middle of town where many of our church members work and walk daily. Several people lost their lives, but our church, including all the children who attend our Christian school were protected and no one was hurt. We know it was a work of Jesus and the protection of His powerful blood!

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