It is important to understand that G12 is about vision including strategy, not just a strategy. A strategy works to achieve a specific goal, but vision entails a godly plan and dreams for every area of our lives. 

Throughout history, visionary men and women have stood out from the rest because of their ability to reach goals others thought were impossible. Leadership is no different; people who change the world are people with a clear vision. We all want to see a change in our families, cities, schools, systems in society, and personal lives. As hard as we work, we will not be the change until we are able to see where God is leading us. The G12 Vision is a good picture of this, not only that but through discipleship, its members are empowered to live out the life God dreamt for them.

“Vision is the idea of God revealed to the mind of man so that he can carry it out.”

The G12 Vision starts at home with the family. Before implementing the Ladder of Success in our cities, we are encouraged to win, consolidate, and disciple our family. Win their hearts with love, affection, positive words and quality time. Consolidate, or care for them, by building bridges of communication and investing in them for a long-lasting relationship. Disciple them with the Word of God, prayer, and times of fellowship at home. After this, the family is sent or equipped, to walk out their calling. What happens at home ripples out to the community, city, and eventually nation.


The first step in the Ladder of Success is to win. Winning someone for Jesus is exciting and can happen anywhere. Paul´s life shifted in a whole new direction after His encounter with Jesus Christ, he became a light to guide others to Jesus. He received forgiveness of his sins, acceptance, love from the Father, and a personal call from Jesus Christ. He now had a story to share and could not stay quiet. What has God done in your life that you can’t stay silent about? There is someone who needs to hear how God healed your dad, how Jesus freed you from anxiety, how He provided for you in a time of need. Share your story and invite them to church or your cell group.  Winning is about telling others that they can be on life´s Winning Team thanks to Jesus! We win because Jesus said we are the light (Matthew 5:14). 


A new believer is like a newborn, they demand attention and special care, which is what we call consolidation. Consolidate means to solidify and strengthen, which is exactly what Life Class is all about. Life Class is a course curated for the new believer to help them solidify their relationship with Jesus and walk in freedom. We consolidate to make sure not even one person is lost, as Jesus told the Father in John 17:12.


After completing Life Class, the now firm believer undergoes a process of discipleship. A quality that characterizes men and women who make an impact is that they never stop learning. That is why the G12 Vision is constantly innovating and renewing. Destiny Training is the perfect setting where church members can deepen their knowledge about the Bible and the Christian faith. After completing the course, members are sent out to complete the Great Commission Jesus left His disciples in Matthew 28:19-20. We disciple and are discipled because we never stop learning.


Jesus came to earth as the Son of God and Son of Man, He bears the image of the kingdom of God. During His time on earth, He lived out the model for multiplication and world transformation. We need to follow in His footsteps and continue to invade this world with the message of salvation, hope, freedom, and love. Second Timothy 2:2 motivates us to pass these teachings on to the next generation. We send out disciples because every church member can become a leader. 

¨Now go in my authority and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you. And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of this age.” Matthew 28:19-20 (TPT)

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