What is Destiny Training?

Destiny Training is a modular based, leadership training course. Year one is based around six modules, covering themes such as Christian foundations, the fundamentals of the G12 Vision, successful leadership and the Holy Spirit. Each module consists of 10 classes developed around a pioneering three stage teaching process, Connect, Conceive and Create, designed to engage the students with the material and produce positive and lasting results. It is the essential element of the Discipleship step of the G12 Vision.

Our Method

Each class is based around three simple stages:

Why Choose Destiny Training?

1 – It’s easy to teach – Destiny Training comes with everything you need to be able to teach great classes (see below for details). The actual teaching method is also very easy to get a hold of and implement.

2 – It’s proven – We’ve seen over 8000 students pass through our Destiny Training School in Bogota, Colombia, not including numerous churches around the world who have also implemented this leadership training. What have we discovered throughout this time? It really works!!

3 – It’s fun – Our main goal in creating the Destiny Training course was to be able to create lessons that are fun to teach and even more fun to learn. Destiny Training aims to be as creative as possible and allow for maximum interaction and student participation during each class.


What’s included?

Student Books:

Destiny Training has six textbooks written by Pastor Cesar Castellanos, a world leader in church leadership and growth. Each book outlines a different area of the foundations needed for excellent leadership within the G12 Vision:

Teacher’s Pack:

How to Be a Great Teacher of Destiny Training – Pastor Clive Harding
Pastor Clive unpacks the key elements to the new style and method of teaching implemented in Destiny Training, explaining the best ways to truly develop creativity in the classroom.


Digital Content:

  • Printable lesson guides for each of the 60 Destiny Training classes, with a wealth of creative and original activities.¡
  • Downloadable slides for each class.
  • Worksheets and accompanying class materials.
  • Pastor’s guide: How to Effectively Run Destiny Training in Your Church – Pastor Clive Harding.

Coming Soon in English - April 2016

Available Now in Spanish

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