Before the conference, we had a meeting to try and decide the focal point for all of the talks. We understood that we needed to focus on speaking about the vision, leadership and forming 12 because this always brings order to the ministry.

We floated ideas about how we could transmit each talk; we didn’t just want things to look good, we wanted people to really receive the heart of the message. We decided to use creative ideas to illustrate each message. One of the talks that especially stood out was “From Process to Progress,” by Pastor Julian Gamba. To illustrate a point, he took photos using an old-fashioned Polaroid camera that printed photos there and then. During his talk, I came to understand what things have a lasting effect in our lives. Pastora Manuela Castellanos printed the letters S-A-L-T on four large cardboard boxes, and her young son Noah had the same word attached to his forehead. She used these simple resources to illustrate the fact that we are the salt that gives flavor to the world through our life in Christ.

I believe that God has given us creative ways to illustrate what we teach, just like Jesus. He used various innovative stories and illustrations to achieve His goal of helping people change their lifestyle.

When we have a clear goal and a powerful message, it is more likely that a person’s life will be impacted. The messages we bring are powerful because they are accessible and relevant to people’s everyday lives. We know that the anointing of creativity is on the church and every person who assumes the vision. 

Un principio que tenemos es trabajar con excelencia y a veces en estos tiempos no se pueden recibir las conferencias de la misma manera, pero Dios se encarga de hacer que tan solo una pincelada de todo lo que ocurre en un evento de estos, llegue al corazón. Algo similar me sucedió algo muy impactante en una charla cuando uno de los Pastores dijo “en el lugar en donde tu estés, hasta allá yo te alcanzaré”.

Working with excellence is one of our key principles. When we are serving, we are sometimes unable to simply sit and receive from the conferences, but God ensures that He touches our hearts during these events, even if it is with just the shortest phrase or the simplest illustration. That is exactly what happened to me when I heard one of the pastors sharing about how God says to us, “Right there where you are, that’s where I will reach you.”

Me impacta también ver como la actitud de cambio que han tenido nuestros Pastores principales, han llevado al crecimiento de la iglesia, igual fue confrontarte de impacto y muy profesional la presentación de Hillsong Young & Free, son súper creativos en su puesta en escena y a la vez innovadora la forma en la que llevan la palabra a través de la música.

I was also impacted when I saw the heart for change Pastors Castellanos have, enabling them to lead the church to grow. It was also impressive to see how professional Hillsong Young & Free were; there set design is so creative and the way they bring the Word through their music is incredibly innovative.

Algo que también pude ver fue como el fruto del trabajo con los video clips de Soulfire Revolution ha sido una herramienta de romper esquemas usando la creatividad en los conciertos y en esta convención pude ver como hay esa unión en la visión entre las bandas de la iglesia y se refleja en la forma en la que la banda lleva la palabra y enseña de una manera tan practica la visión.

It was also powerful to see how Soulfire Revolution’s video clips have been a tool to break patterns of thinking, using creativity in concerts. During this conference, I was able to see that there is a unity in the vision among the different bands in the church as a whole: this is reflected in the way the band brings the Word and practically teaches the vision.

Diego Gómez · G12 Media Creative Team

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