In the Old Testament, nations protected themselves from their enemies by building thick walls to stop their enemies’ armies from entering their territory. Nevertheless, there was always an enemy who would tirelessly prowl around the houses, looking for some unprotected entrance they could go through so that they could steal from the people. Perhaps we might imagine that this thief was looking for treasures such as jewels, money or some other material thing. However, the reality is that the treasure they were looking for was the most precious thing in a believer’s life: the spiritual life of the family.

As a church, over a period of 52 days, we have had a time of reconstruction in every area of our lives; a reconstruction that is continuous, permanent and definitive rather than partial. The area that we undoubtedly need to pay greatest attention to (without neglecting the other areas) is our families. This is our first ministry and the place where that great treasure and inheritance of the Word of God resides.

Something very important that we need to understand is that, within the family unit, the parents are the most important guardians of their children and their home. They are guards who should continually watch over their home because as they do, they build walls of protection which will never be knocked down. We have been called to build, to raise up and to construct, never to destroy.

If the walls are already broken in a home, God has made a promise to that family. Jeremiah 15:20 says, “I will make you a wall to this people, a fortified wall of bronze; they will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you to rescue and save you.” To receive this protection, you need to take steps of faith, leave your comfort zone, and decide to build brick by brick so that everything in your home can truly be built upon the rock… Jesus.

Through this series, we hope that you can learn how to build, as well as how to protect your house with love, faithfulness, respect, and above all, having the Word of God present at every moment.


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