God has never asked for perfection but He always asks for sincerity of heart. When Pastora Lorena called to tell us that we were going to film a new DVD during the youth conference, I got so excited about all that God was going to do; what is more, it was an answer to prayer for me: I had been asking God for something new. Each song was like a breath of fresh air for both the band and the youth who joined us from all around the globe.

As we recorded, I realized that each song was closely linked to what was happening in the conference – a new awakening in the youth. While Pastora Sara shared a word about Ezekiel, I felt God’s fire inside me and I realized it was a special anointing coming upon us. When Soulfire Revolution started to play, this fire stirred me to surrender completely; as we worshipped, I felt the power of the fire of God which brings conviction and revival. To finish, Pastor Andrew Palau spoke simply yet powerfully about the most important thing in our lives: the cross.

That first day marked the rest of the conference for me. God gave me a word in Isaiah 44:3 and I understood that this was the time when the Holy Spirit would send rain on the dry ground, and break up what had been hardened. He also spoke to me, saying that real revival required true repentance and complete surrender.

Pastor Julian Gamba’s talk impacted me greatly because it was an answer to many of my prayers. People often tell us as young people, “Do this or that,” but they don’t tell us how. While this talk helped me understand that having a pastor’s heart is my destiny, Pastor Julian also spoke about the process of training we need to go through to reach His purpose in our lives.

This conference greatly impacted the lives of many young people and I understood that there is nothing more valuable than surrendering our lives before Jesus. While each session communicated a different key point, in reality, they all led us to the same conclusion: genuinely surrendering our lives to Jesus – the key to a new beginning.

Johan Manjarres · Generación 12 Vocalist

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