Strength and power are a wise leader’s distinguishing qualities. They are acquired through a process of character formation and good training, during which a leader learns how to be a person of influence. In other words, a leader is made, not born.

A wise man is strong, and a man of knowledge increases power · Proverbs 24:5 NASB)

Regardless of their personality, a person who is chosen to lead will be molded by the Lord and guided by biblical principles. They will then be able to motivate others and consistently motivate themselves – something that requires remarkable inner strength.

Whoever wants to become a leader should keep five principles in mind that will help them acquire the strength mentioned by the writer of the Proverbs:

Everything works together for Good

The more adversities you face in life, the greater the inner strength you will develop.

There are no failures

The greatest leaders in the history of mankind were formed during times of crisis. One example of this is Abraham Lincoln who, after several attempts to win a political position in his country, was visited by a journalist who asked him: “Are you not tired of failing?” Lincoln replied, “I have not failed, I simply have not obtained the results I desire yet.”

Taking on responsabilities is necessary

The ability and willingness to take on responsibilities is what greatly helps a person develop inner strength.

Complete Commitment

A leader who has abundant fruit is someone who is completely committed to the task.

It is important to define short and long-term goals

Goals are like the bricks we use to build our dreams and measure what we achieve. In a construction project, the foundations are set in place to support a building. In the same way, when we have solid foundations in the Word, our basis for spiritual and personal growth will be stronger.

We must guard our minds as of first importance. Paul said that we should put on the helmet of salvation. A helmet protects the head, and this helmet represents saturation in the Word – which should always dwell abundantly in us. When we saturate our minds with the knowledge of the Scriptures, we are building up a positive, faith-filled, brave and conquering mind.

The Word of God does not allow negativity, even in the slightest sense of the word. Everything that the Word transmits is full of life, peace and hope.


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